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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Beatles/Stones/Led Zeppelin-related

The Beatles:
"Revolving: The Evolution of Revolver" 2cd A
"White Album Demos" 1cd 1968 B to B+
London, 1-30-69 1cd B+ [Note: The Rooftop Concert]
"Get Back Outtakes" 1cd A- [Note: Acetate Session/Let It Be]
"Pepperland" Sgt Pepper era Sessions 2cd B to A+ [Note: some digi-pops on CD1-Track1]

George Harrison:
"Beware of Abkco!" 1cd sbd A [Note: Demos for "All Things Must Pass"]

Abbey Road Studios; London, 1974 1cd (sbd) A [Note: "One Hand Clapping"/outtakes of never-released video]

Led Zeppelin:
Dallas, 8-31-69 1cd B+ [Note: clicks between tracks]
London, 3-25-71 2cd A (BBC)
Cleveland, OH 4-27-77 3cd B+ [Note: first song cuts in]
Berlin, 7-7-80 2cd B+

Rolling Stones:
London, 3-13-71 1cd A (sbd)
Ft. Worth, TX 6-24-72 1cd A- [Note: Late Show]
Perth, Australia 2-24-73 1cd A
Brussles, Belgium 10-17-73 1cd A- [Note: Early Show]
Brussles, Belgium 10-17-73 1cd A- [Note: Late Show]
Buffalo, NY 6-15-75 1cd (aud) B [Note: tracks fade]
Paris, 6-4-76 2cd B+ (aud)
Memphis, TN 6-28-78 1cd A- (sbd)
Ft. Worth, TX 7-18-78 2cd A
Hampton Roads, VA 12-18-81 2cd A- (sbd)