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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Clash/Patti Smith/Talking Heads

The Clash:
Passaic, NJ 3-8-80 1cd B+
"Combat Out Rock" 1cd A- [Note: Outtakes of Combat Rock]
Lochem, Holland 5-20-82 1cd A- (sbd)
Montego Bay, Jamaica 11-27-82 1cd A
San Bernadino, CA 5-29-83 1cd B+ (sbd/FM?) [Note: US Festival/track one is London Calling>This Is Radio Clash, where the end of London and start of Radio are both cut by a skip]
Stockholm, 2-17-84 2cd B+ (sbd)
Sunderland, UK 5-11-85 1cd B (aud)
San Francisco, 6-22-85 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: Rock the Casbah cuts in]

Big Audio Dynamite:
Chicago, 10-5-91 1cd A

Joe Strummer:
Koln, Germany 8-21-99 1cd A- (Note: a couple of random digi-pops]
Patti Smith:
"Roots: 1974-1979" 1cd A- (sbd) [Note: collection of covers]
NYC, 12-28-75 1cd A-
Los Angeles, 1-30-76 1cd B+ (sbd)
Stockholm,  10-3-76   1cd   (sbd)  A-  [Note: "I Never Talked To Bob Dylan"]
Paris, 1978   1cd   A-   (sbd)  
Philadelphia, 1995 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: "Paths That Cross"/not a single show but a compilation]
Hamburg, Germany 8-1-96  1cd  A-
NYC,  12-31-99   2cd   A-   (aud)

Talking Heads:
NYC, 8-28-77 1cd B (aud)
Syracuse, NY  9-1-77   1cd   B  (FM)
Maynard, MA   11-17-77   1cd  A-  (FM)  [Note: Northern Studios/live tracks w/interviews]
San Francisco, 12-3-77 1cd A (sbd)
Chicago, 8-28-78 1cd A (FM) [Note: a few cuts between tracks]
San Francisco, 9-16-78 1cd A (sbd)
Los Angeles, 11-19-78 1cd A- (sbd)
Dallas, 12-11-78 1cd A (sbd)
Cleveland, 3-15-79 1cd A (sbd)
Boston, 8-8-79 1cd A (FM)
Las Vegas, 9-29-79 1cd A (sbd)
Toronto, 8/80   1cd   A-   (sbd)
Rotterdam, 12-11-80   1cd   B+   (sbd)
Tokyo, 2-27-81 1cd sbd A
Milan, Italy   7-20-82   1cd  B+  (sbd)  [Note: gap between tracks 4-5]
Devore, CA 9-3-82 1cd B+ (aud)
Atlanta, 9-17-82 2cd B+ (aud) [Note: CD1-Track6 has digi-noise first 1:20]
Saratoga, NY 8-5-83 2cd A (sbd)
Burlington, VT 10-1-83 2cd B+ (sbd?)
Milwaukee, 1-24-84 1cd A+ (sbd)
Los Angeles, 1984 1cd A (sbd)

David Byrne:

Red Bank, NJ   10-31-92   1cd  A  (FM)