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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Ominous Seapods/Dave Matthews Band/Santana

OSP Setlists

Ominous Seapods:
Syracuse, NY 11-30-96 3cd B+
Iowa City, IA 10-31-00 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Tempe, AZ 11-26-00 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: mis-tracked]
Huntington, WV 12-8-00 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Hollywood, CA 4-20-01 2cd A (sbd)
NYC, 6-15-01 2cd A (sbd)
Salsipuedes, Mexico 7-28-01 I/II 4cd A- (aud)

Dave Matthews Band:
Charlottesville, VA 4-5-92 1cd A (sbd)
Richmond, VA 9-30-92 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Toronto,  10-6-94   2cd   A   (sbd)  [Note: missing "Song That Jane Likes" and "Satellite"]
Philadelphia,  2-11-95   1cd   A   (sbd)
NYC,  2-23-95   2cd   A   (sbd)
Oakland,  5-10-95  1cd   A   (sbd)
Utica, NY   1-25-97   2cd  A  (sbd) [Note: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds]
E. Rutherford, NJ 6-7-98 2cd A (sbd)
George, WA 7-17-99 2cd A (sbd)
Rome, NY 7-24-99 1cd A [Note: Woodstock]
The Lillywhite Sessions 1cd A (sbd)
Buffalo, NY   7-21-00   2cd   A   (sbd)
Mt. View, CA 10-28-00 1cd A- (aud)
Mt. View, CA 10-29-00 1cd A- (aud)
Camden, NJ  6-24-01  2cd  A-  (sbd) 

NYC,  2-28-78   1cd  A  (sbd)

Montreaux, Switzerland 7-4-80 1cd A-
Karauizawa, Japan 6-1-86 2cd A (sbd) [Note: w/ Jeff Beck]
Angel's Camp, CA 8-23-87 2cd A (sbd) [Note: last track cuts prematurely/no setlist]
Sunrise, FL 4-19-88 1cd A
Tacoma, WA 8-26-88 1cd A- (sbd)
Denver, CO 6-28-91 1cd A (sbd) [Note: partial setlist]
San Francisco, 11-3-91 1cd A- (FM) [Note: 4 tracks cut during audience/last track fades out]

DMB Setlists