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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars
Chicago, 12-31-95 2cd B+ (aud)
College Park, MD 4-19-96 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: digi-stutter on CD1-Track 6]
Austin, TX 9-15-96 1cd A (sbd) [Note: incomplete]
Oslo, Norway 7-14-99 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: CD2-Track5 has a cut]
Rome, NY 7-23-99 2cd A- (sbd)
Oakland, 12-31-00 2cd B+ (aud)

Parliament Funkadelic:
Denver, 1976 1cd A- (sbd)
Houston, 1977 2cd A- (sbd)
Newberg, NY 9-26-76 1cd A (sbd) [Note: "The Newberg Sessions"]
Washington, DC   11-1-78   2cd   A   (sbd) 
Amsterdam, 12-8-78 1cd A- (sbd)
Crested Butt, CO 9-6-99 1cd A (sbd) [Note: no setlist]

Bernie Worrel and the Woo Warriors:
Hampton Bays, NY 6-25-99 1cd A (sbd)


Black Uhuru:
Montego Bay, Jamaica 11-27-82 1cd A- [Note: few digi-pops]
Soledad, CA 7-13-83 2cd B+ (sbd)

Jimmy Cliff:
Albany, NY 4-26-00 2cd B (aud)

Bob Marley & The Wailers:
Chicago, 6-10-75 1cd A
San Francisco, 7-7-75  1cd  A-  (sbd)
London, 7-18-75  1cd  A-  (sbd) [Note: missing Them Belly Full/dialogue between tracks 3-4 is cut]
LA, 5-26-76  1cd  A-  (sbd) [Note: incomplete/several cuts] 
Madison, WI   5-25-78   1cd   B  (aud)
Miami, 5-31-78   1cd   A-  (sbd) [Note: studio rehearsals]
Portland, OR 7-14-78 1cd A (sbd) [Note: incomplete/date is questionable]
Cambridge, MA   7-21-79   2cd   B+  (aud)
Santa Cruz, CA 12-2-79 2cd B (aud)
Dortmund, Germany 6-12-80 2cd A- [Note: includes I-Three's opening set]
Providence, RI 9-17-80 2cd B+ (aud) [Note: last track on CD1 (Jamming) includes first few seconds of first track (Exodus) of CD2...and Exodus contains last few seconds of Jamming]
Pittsburgh, 9-23-80 1cd B+ [Note: missing Work]

Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers:
Chicago,  9-6-99   1cd   A   (webcast)  [Note: incomplete/couple of digi-crackles]
Tilburg, Holland   6-26-00   2cd   A-  (sbd)  [Note: missing encores]
Scranton, PA 9-8-00 1cd B+ (aud)
E. Rutherford, NJ 9-10-00 1cd B+ (aud) [Note: 4 sec. loss at start of track 1/last track cuts]
Syracuse, NY   9-12-00   1cd  B+  (aud) 

Sly & Robbie:
Marysville, CA   6-19-99   1cd  B+  (sbd)  [Note: w/ Michael Rose/some distortion]
Third World:
London, 1982   1cd   A   (FM)  
Tokyo, 8-6-82 1cd A (sbd) [Note: last track fades]

Peter Tosh:
Kingston, Jamaica 4-22-78 1cd A- (sbd) [Note: One Love Peace Concert/some gaps between tracks/different source from legit release]
Montreaux, Switzerland   7-16-79   1cd   A
NYC, 3-14-79 1cd A [Note: 3 gaps in show]
Old Roslyn, NY 3-15-79 1cd A (pre-fm)
Hempstead, NY  8-22-79  2cd  A-  (pre-fm)
Mira, Italy  6-5-81  1cd  A-  (sbd) [Note: Stepping Razor cuts in/date is questionable] 
NYC, 9-29-81 1cd A
Kansas City, 9-9-82 1cd A- (sbd) [Note: incomplete/gaps]
Montego Bay, Jamaica 11-27-82 1cd A [Note: lite background buzz]
Los Angeles, 8-23-83 1cd A

The Wailers:
London,  5-24-73   1cd  A  (FM)
Sausalito, CA 10-31-73 1cd A (FM)