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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Prince Setlists

Hendrix Setlists

Eric Clapton:
Long Beach, CA 7-20-74 2cd A- (sbd)
Santa Monica, CA  2-11-78   2cd  A  (sbd)
Richmond, VA 4-22-85 2cd A
NYC, 4-27-87 2cd A-
Brighton, UK 2-1-92 2cd A-
Jimi Hendrix:
"Black Gold" 5cd B+ to A (sbd)
Monterey, CA   6-18-67   1cd   A   (sbd)
Stockholm, 9-4-67 1cd  B+ Note: Early and Late shows]
Stockholm, 9-5-67  1cd  A-
Paris, 1-29-68 (Late show) 1cd  A-  (sbd)
Dallas,  2-16-68   1cd   B+   (aud) 
Ft. Worth,  2-17-68   1cd   B  (aud)
Ottawa, Canada 3-19-68  1cd  A-  (sbd) 
San Francisco, 10-10-68 (Early show) 1cd B+
San Francisco, 10-12-68 (Early show) 1cd B+
San Francisco, 10-12-68 (Late show) 1cd B+
Stockholm, 1-9-69 (Early show) 1cd A+  (sbd)
Stockholm, 1-9-69 (Late show) 1cd A+   (sbd)
London, 2-18-69 2cd   B  (aud)
London, 2-24-69 1cd    A    (sbd)  [Note: soundcheck]
London, 2-24-69 2cd   A   (sbd)
Memphis, TN   4-18-69   1cd   B  (aud)  [Note: track 4 fades out/track 5 cuts in--same as master]
Los Angeles, 4-26-69 1cd  B+
Indianapolis, IN   5-11-69   1cd   B-  (aud)  [Note: couple of cuts between tracks/some level fluctuations]
NYC,  5-18-69   1cd   B   (aud)  [Note: revolving stage means volume on guitar is VERY loud every 4.5 minutes]
San Diego, 5-24-69  1cd   A-
Northridge, CA 6-20-69  1cd   B+   (sbd)
Denver, CO    6-29-69   1cd   B  (aud)  [Note: missing Voodoo Child/Purple Haze is cut]
Bethel, NY 8-18-69   2cd  A- [Note: Woodstock]
NYC, 1-1-70 (Early show)  1cd   B+  (sbd/aud mix)
NYC, 1-1-70 (Late show)  1cd   B+  (sbd/aud mix)
NYC, 1-28-70  1cd  B  (aud) [Note: last Band of Gypsies show]
Berkeley, CA 5-30-70 (Early show) 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: missing Star Spangled Banner & Purple Haze]
Berkeley, CA 5-30-70 (Late show) 1cd A (sbd) [Note: missing Hey Joe/2 second gap in Stone Free]
Byron, GA 7-4-70 1cd A-
Randall's Island, NY 7-17-70  1cd  B+
Maui, Hawaii 7-30-70  1cd  A - (sbd)
Isle of Wight, UK 8-30-70  2cd  B+  (sbd)
Fermar, Germany 9-6-70  1cd  A-  (sbd)

"Chickengrease"   1cd   B+  (sbd/aud)  [Note: covers]
Providence, RI 2-10-83 1cd A (sbd) [Note: "City Lights-Providence"]
Minneapolis, 8-3-83 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: "The Avenue"/includes afternoon rehearsal]
Miami, 4-7-85 2cd A (sbd) [Note: last show with The Revolution]
Minneapolis, 12-31-87 1cd A- [Note: with Miles Davis]
Madrid, Spain 7-22-90 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: "Spanish Harem"/includes Nude tour rehearsal]
London, 6-24-92 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: "Thunder"]
Munich, Germany 9-3-93 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: "Rock Over Germany"/includes bonus tracks]
NPG-TV Channel 4 1cd A (sbd) [Note: tv appearances, 1996-1997]

Frank Zappa:
Montreux, Switzerland 12-4-71 2cd B+ (aud)  [Note: Beat the Boots-"Swiss Cheese"]
Berlin, 2-15-78 2cd A (sbd)
Poughkeepsie, NY 9-21-78 2cd B+ (sbd)
Paris,  2-24-79   2cd  A-   (sbd)  [Note: Beat The Boots-"Anyway The Wind Blows"]
Rotterdam, 5-24-80 2cd A- (FM)
Denver, CO 8-2-84 3cd B+ [Note: Early and Late shows]
Saratoga, NY 9-1-84 2cd B+ (sbd)
Chicago, 11-23-84 2cd A- (aud) [Note: Late show]
Cleveland, 3-5-88 2cd B (aud)

Zappa Setlists