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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Frank Sinatra/Ratpack-related

                                                   Frank Sinatra
London,  7-26-53   1cd   A-   (sbd)
Monte Carlo,  6-14-58   1cd  A  (FM)
Oakland,  5-22-68   1cd  A  (sbd)
Washington, DC   4-17-73   1cd   A  (sbd) 
Jerusalem, Israel  11-27-75   1cd  A  (sbd)
"A Pocketful of Miracles"  1cd  A  [Note: telethon television appearances, 1975-1987]
Hickory Hills, IL   6-10-77   1cd   A+   (sbd)  [Note: w/ Dean Martin]
Sao Paulo, Brazil   8-13-81   1cd   A   (sbd)
E. Rutherford, NJ   12-8-83   1cd  A  (sbd)
E. Rutherford, NJ   3-14-86   1cd  A  (sbd)
Philadelphia,  5-8-86   1cd   A   (sbd)
Reno, NV   4-30-88   1cd  A-  (sbd)
Fukuoka, Japan   12-20-94   1cd   A  (sbd)  [Note: last show]
                                                Dean Martin
Las Vegas,   4-16-64   1cd   A   (sbd)
Hickory Hills, IL   6-10-77   1cd   A+   (sbd)  [Note w/ Frank Sinatra]
                                                The Ratpack
Chicago,  11-26-62   2cd   A   (sbd)  [Note: some digi-crackle towards end of CD2]
Las Vegas,  9-6-63   1cd   A   (sbd)  [Note: Frank, Dean & Sammy]
St. Louis,  6-20-65   2cd   A-   (sbd)  [Note: Frank, Dean & Sammy]
Minneapolis, MN   3-22-88   1cd   A   (sbd)  [Note: Frank & Sammy]