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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Everything Else

Sydney. Australia   1979    1cd   A-   (sbd)
Buenos Aires, 10-19-96 2cd B (aud)

Boston, 3-20-73 1cd A- (sbd)
Detroit, 4-4-74 1cd A- (sbd)
Boston, 3-28-78 1cd B+ (Pre-FM) [Note: two cuts between tracks]
Osaka, Japan 12-31-99 2cd A

Allman Brothers Band:
Los Angeles, 6-11-92 1cd A (sbd)
NYC, 9-21-00 1cd B+ (aud) [Note: One for Woody benefit]

Central Park; NYC, 1979 1cd A- (sbd)

Louis Armstrong:
Chapel Hill, NC 5-8-54 2cd A (sbd)

The Band:
Watkins Glen, NY 7-28-73 1cd A-
The Barenaked Ladies:
Saratoga, NY   8-2-98   1cd   A-  (aud)

Beach Boys:
Ann Arbor, MI 10-22-66 1cd A (sbd) [Note: Late show]

Jeff Beck:
Karuizawa, Japan 6-1-86 2cd A (sbd) [Note: w/ Santana]

Black Crowes:
California, 1-8-94 1cd B [Note: "Foamfoot"]
NYC, 9-21-00 1cd B+ (aud) [Note: One for Woody benefit]

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers:
Lausanne, Switzerland 12-8-60 2cd A- (sbd)

Blues Brothers:
San Francisco, 12-31-78 1cd A- (FM)

James Brown:
Atlanta, 1980 1cd A

Dave Brubek Quartet:
Minneapolis, 11-3-88 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: no setlist]

Blue Floyd:
Atlanta, 2-12-00 3cd A- (sbd)

Cleveland, 9-22-76 1cd A+ (sbd)
Long Beach, CA 10-16-77 1cd A-

The Byrds:
Boston, 2-22-69 1cd A-

The Cars:
San Francisco,  8-19-78   1cd   B+   (sbd)
Cee Knowledge & the Cosmic Funk Orchestra:
Chicago,  3-18-01   2cd   A   (sbd)
Harry Chapin:
Boston,  4-1-81   2cd   B+   (sbd)  [Note: a couple of cuts/occasional analog flaws]
Ray Charles:
Berlin, Germany 3-6-62 1cd A- (sbd)

Cheap Trick:
Chicago, 6-16-79 1cd B (sbd)

Chicago Transit Authority:
Dallas, TX 8-31-69 1cd A- (sbd)

Col. Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade:
Las Vegas, 9-29-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Philadelphia, 2-17-01 2cd B+ (aud)

Les Claypool's Rat Brigade:
Bridgeport, CT 6-24-00 1cd A- (sbd)

Leonard Cohen:
Los Angeles, 4-18-93 1cd A (sbd)

Elvis Costello:
College Park, MD 1-28-81 2cd B+ (aud)

Oakland, CA 10-4-68 1cd A (sbd)

Creedence Clearwater Revival:
Oakland, CA 1-31-70 1cd A (sbd)

Jim Croce:
Cleveland, 11-15-72 1cd A- [Note: last track cut/slight vinyl crackle in spots]

Detroit, 12-14-69 1cd B+
Boston, 3-26-00 3cd B+ (aud)

The Cure:
Glastonbury, UK 6-23-90 1cd A- (FM)

Deep Purple:
Long Beach, CA 2-27-76 1cd A-

Depeche Mode:
Los Angeles, 12-22-98 2cd A- (sbd)

Providence, RI 5-2-00 1cd A (sbd)

Dire Straits:
San Francisco, 4-1-79 1cd B+ (sbd)
Boston, 9-8-79 2cd B (aud)
Brussels, Belgium 7-5-81 1cd A- (sbd)
London, 1985 1cd A- (FM)

The Doobie Brothers:
Philadelphia, 1976 1cd B+
Nashville, TN   5-11-96   1cd   A   (sbd) 

The Doors:
Copenhagen, 9-18-68 1cd (FM) A-
Stockholm, 9-20-68 1cd (sbd) A- [Note: early show]
Stockholm, 9-20-68 1cd (sbd) A- [Note: late show]
Miami, 3-1-69 1cd (aud) B
Isle of Wight, UK 8-29-70 1cd (sbd) B+

Dr. Didj:
Great Barrington, MA 8-12-00 2cd B+ (aud)

Bob Dylan:
Boston, 1-14-74 2cd A- (sbd)
College Park, MD   11-5-98   2cd   A-   (sbd)  [Note: digi-static on CD-Track11 at 0:45-0:46]

The Eagles:
Minneapolis, MN 2-25-95 2cd B+ (sbd)
Electric Light Orchestra:
London, 1978  1cd  B+  (sbd) 

Ella Fitzgerald:
NYC, 7-5-73 1cd A (sbd) [Note: a couple of tracks fade]

Fleetwood Mac:
Rumours Outtakes 1cd A+ (sbd)  [Note: flawed analog transfer/NOT TRADING]
Melbourne, Australia 3-80 2cd B [Note: quick gaps between some tracks]
Los Angeles, 10-21-82 1cd A

Tokyo, 1989 1cd B+ [Note: some gaps between tracks]

Aretha Franklin:
San Francisco, 5-19-71 1cd A (sbd)

Funky Meters & JB Horns:
Aaburg, Switzerland 12-1-91 2cd A- (sbd)

Knoxville, TN 7-30-99 1cd A-

Dizzy Gillespie & Orchestra:
Paris, France 2-28-48 1cd A- (sbd) [Note: occasion spots of digi crackle]

Glastonbury '93:
Glastonbury, UK 1993 2cd A+ (FM) [Note: Pretenders, DMB, Spin Doctors, Black Crowes, Midnight Oil and Robert Plant]

Govt. Mule:
NYC, 9-21-00 2cd B+ (aud) [Note: One for Woody benefit]

Macy Gray:
London, 8-22-01 1cd A (FM)

Ben Harper:
Boulder, CO 2-3-96 2cd A- (sbd)

Don Henley:
Boston, 12-6-93 1cd A-

Howling Wolf:
Bremen, German 11-6-64 1cd A (sbd) [Note: gaps between tracks]

Billy Idol:
Mt. View, CA 1987 2cd A-

Rome, NY 7-23-99 1cd B+ [Note: Woodstock '99]

Jethro Tull:
Hamburg, Germany 4-8-82 2cd A
Philadelphia, 11-27-87 1cd A (sbd)
Baden-Baden, Germany 6-15-99 1cd A

Billy Joel:
Tokyo, 3-30-98 2cd A+ (sbd) [Note: w/ Elton John]

Elton John:
New Orleans,  9-19-97   1cd  A+  (sbd)
Tokyo, 3-30-98 2cd A+ (sbd) [Note: w/ Billy Joel]

Tokyo, 3-2-83 1cd A

The KBC Band:
San Francisco,  6-23-85   1cd   A-   (sbd)
The Kinks:
London, 12-24-77 1cd A (sbd)
Milwaukee, 4-8-88 1cd A- (sbd)

Los Lobos:
George, WA 7-11-97 1cd A (sbd)
San Jose, CA 6-28-98 1cd A (sbd)
San Francisco, 12-5-98 2cd A (sbd)

Detroit, 8-26-01  2cd  A+  (digital satellite)

Max Creek:
Providence, RI  5-1-99  I/II 3cd  A (sbd)

Woodstock; Saugerties, NY  8-14-94   2cd  A  (FM)
Woodstock; Rome, NY  7-24-99  2cd  A-  (sbd)

Midnight Oil:
Chicago, 8-7-93 1cd A-

Steve Miller Band:
Buffalo, 1990 1cd A

Weeze, Germany 8-18-00 1cd A (FM)

Upper Darby, PA 10-31-00 I/II 4cd B+ (aud)

Moody Blues:
Chicago, 1981 1cd A (FM) [Note: King Biscuit show]

New Order:
Glastonbury, UK 6-19-87 1cd A (BBC)
London, 12-31-98 1cd B

Nine Inch Nails:
Raleigh, NC 10-8-95 1cd A

Rome, Italy 2-22-94 1cd B+ (sbd)

Pet Shop Boys:
London, 6-20-97 1cd A (sbd)
Rio de Janerio, 1994 1cd A (sbd)

The Police:
NYC,  9-27-79   1cd  B+  (FM)
Houston, TX 3-20-82 1cd A- (sbd)

Elvis Presley:
Alternate Golden Records, Vol. 3: The Little Sister Sessions 1cd A (sbd) [Note: incomplete/missing five takes of Little Sister]
"American Crown Jewels"  Memphis, TN  Jan/Feb 1969 sessions  1cd   A   (sbd)
Las Vegas, 8-24-69 1cd A- (sbd)
Memphis, 3-16-74 1cd A (sbd) [Note: "Hello Memphis"]
College Park, MD 9-28-74 2cd (sbd) A
Dayton, OH 10-6-74 1cd (sbd) A- [Note: matinee show]
Memphis, 6-10-75 1cd A (sbd) [Note: "Let Me Take You Home"]

College Park, MD 2-4-77 2cd B- (aud)
Buckinghamshire, UK 6-5-82 1cd B+

Rage Against The Machine:
Woodstock, NY 7-24-99 1cd A

Otis Redding:
Europe, 1965 1cd A- (sbd)
Stockholm, 6-4-67 1cd A (sbd) [Note: slight click/gaps between tracks]

Red Hot Chili Peppers:
Rome, NY 7-25-99 1cd A- (FM) [Note: Woodstock '99]

Lou Reed:
NYC, 12-26-72 1cd B+ [Note: gaps between tracks]

REO Speedwagon:
Indianapolis, IN  1985   1cd  A   (sbd)
Robbie Robertson:
Agrigento, Italy 5-13-95 1cd A (sbd)

Sonny Rollins:
Tokyo, 9-30-73 1cd A (sbd)

Run DMC:
NYC, 6-1-85 1cd B (aud)
Amsterdam, 5-21-87 1cd B+ (aud)

Gil Scott-Heron:
Bremen, Germany   4-16-83   1cd   A   (FM)  [Note: a few digi-pops]
London, 3-14-90   1cd   A   (sbd)
NYC,  7-19-97   1cd   A   (sbd)  [Note: no setlist]

Paul Simon:
NYC, 3-4-92 1cd A (sbd)
New Orleans, 5-4-01 2cd B+ (aud)

Simon & Garfunkel:
Hollywood, CA 8-23-68 1cd B+
Miami, OH 11-11-69 1cd A- (sbd)

Sly & Family Stone:
Bethel, NY 8-16-69 1cd B+ (sbd) [Note: Woodstock]
Lawrence, KS 11-9-74 1cd B+ (sbd) [Note: various cuts, gaps...but great show]

Smashing Pumpkins:
Amsterdam, 12-12-95 1cd B (aud)
Sydney, Australia   3-13-96   1cd   A-   (FM)
Duesseldorf, Germany 4-7-96 1cd A (sbd)

Steely Dan:
Los Angeles, 3-20-74 1cd A- (Pre-FM) [Note: gaps between tracks]
Manassas, VA 7-21-96 2cd A- [Note: some gaps between tracks]

Cat Stevens:
Tokyo, 6-22-74 1cd A+ (sbd)

Houston, 9-8-96 2cd A-
Universal City, CA 10-30-99 2cd A

String Cheese Incident:
Morrison, CO 6-16-99 1cd B+ (aud)

Las Vegas, 8-3-96 1cd A

Munich, Germany 7-23-83 2cd A-

Tears For Fears:
Santa Barbara, CA 1990 1cd A- [Note: all tracks fade out]
Shepherd's Bush, UK 6-15-96 1cd A

The The
NYC, 5-6-93 1cd A (FM)

NYC, 11-23-70 1cd A (FM)
Woodstock; Saugerties, NY 8-13-94 A (sbd)

Devore, CA 5-30-83 1cd A- (sbd) [Note: US Festival]
Dublin, Ireland 12-31-89 2cd A
Washington, DC 8-16-92 2cd B+ (aud) [Note: digi-pops on first track]
Sao Paolo, Brazil 1-31-98 2cd B+ (aud)
Santiago, Chile 2-11-98 2cd A- (sbd)
NYC, 12-5-00 1cd B+ (FM)
Miami, 3-24-01 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: some rough cuts between some of the tracks]
Charlotte, NC 3-29-01 2cd B+ (aud)

Joe Walsh:
Dallas, 7-24-81 1cd A- (sbd)

Chicago, 6-20-98 1cd A+ (sbd)

Stevie Wonder:
Brighton, UK 4-4-73 1cd A- [Note: low recording]

Neil Young:
Wantagh, NY 6-14-89 1cd A- (sbd)
New Orleans, 9-18-94 1cd B+ [Note: w/ Crazy Horse]
Charlottesville, VA 4-21-01 1cd A- (aud) [Note: w/ Crazy Horse/volume adjust in track 2]

Warren Zevon:
Philadelphia, 4-22-80 2cd B+ [Note: poor edit/very slight gaps]
Minneapolis, 2-27-90 1cd A

ZZ Top:
Essen, Germany 10-6-79 2cd A
Passaic, NJ 6-15-80 1cd A- (sbd)
Hamburg, Germany 5-31-91 1cd B+ (aud)
Hartford, CT 5-24-94 1cd B+ (aud)
Landover, MD 8-19-94 1cd B+ (aud)