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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Prog Rock

Tokyo, 4-9-98 1cd B+ (aud)
California Guitar Trio:
Toronto, 7-5-01 I/II 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: with Tony Levin]
Emerson, Lake & Palmer:
Natowicz, Poland 6-22-97 1cd A-
Hampton Beach, NH 1-8-98 2cd B+ (aud)
Burlington, VT   8-2-98   2cd   A- (sbd)

Emerson, Lake & Powell:
E. Rutherford, NJ 1986 1cd A
London, 11-11-89 1cd B+ (aud)
Utrecht, Holland 10-26-91 1cd B+
Peter Gabriel:
Champel, France 9-21-80 2cd A- (sbd)
Athens, Greece 1988 1cd A- (sbd)
Glastonbury, UK 6-26-94 2cd B+ (sbd)
Redmond, WA 7-29-01 1cd B+ (aud) [Note: WOMAD Festival]
Chicago, 10-13-78 2cd A- (FM)
London, 5-7-80 2cd A (sbd)
NYC,  11-28-81  2cd  A-  (aud)  [Note: some clicks between tracks]
Knebworth, UK 8-2-92 2cd A- (sbd)
David Gilmour:
London, 6-22-01 1cd B+ (aud)
Bremen, Germany   11-4-74   1cd   A-   (FM)  [Note: incomplete/missing last three songs of show]
San Juan Capistrano, CA   6-3-99   2cd   B+  (aud)  [Note: digi-noise on CD2-Track3 from 4:18-4:39]                                                 

Stockholm,  3-10-75   1cd   A   (sbd)
Reading, UK 8-22-75 2cd B+ (sbd)
Chippenham, UK 11-15-82 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: several spots with static or clicks but the best copy available] 
King Crimson:
Denver, 3-12-72 1cd A (sbd)
Berkeley, CA   6-16-73   1cd   A   (sbd)  [Note: "Astral Navigation"/some gaps]
Atlanta, 6-23-73 1cd A-
Central Park, NYC 7-1-74 1cd B+
Minneapolis, MN 6-16-95 1cd A- [Note: gaps between tracks]
Mexico City, 8/2-4/96 1cd A+ (sbd)
Denver, 10-27-00 2cd B+ (aud)

Liquid Tension Experiment:
LA, 1-30-99 1cd B+ (aud) [Note: abrupt cuts between tracks]
NYC, 1-21-99 2cd B+ (aud) [Note: gaps between tracks]  
Baunatal, Germany 1-10-83 1cd B+
Geleen, Holland 6-11-84 1cd A
London, 12-14-84 1cd A [Note: Childhood Rehearsals]
London, 2/85 & 6-8-86 1cd B+
Mannheim, Germany 6-21-86 2cd A-
Milwaukee, 9-25-87 1cd A- 
Mike & the Mechanics:
London,  5-10-99   1cd  A  (FM)
Pink Floyd:
San Francisco, 4-29-70 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: "Interstellar Encore"]
London, 7-16-70 1cd A (BBC) [Note: "Mooed Music"]
Chicago, 4-28-72 2cd B+ [Note: "Darkside of Chicago"]
Vancouver, BC 4-8-75 2cd B+ [Note: "Azimuth Coordinator 1"]
Ft. Worth, TX 5-1-77 2cd B (aud)
Oakland, CA 5-9-77 2cd B+ (aud) [Note: "Animal Instincts"]
Montreal, 7-6-77 2cd B+ [Note: "Azimuth Coordinator 2"]
Philadelphia, 9-19-87 2cd B+ [Note: "Prism"]
NYC, 7-17-94 2cd B+ [Note: "The Giants at the Giants"]

Pink Floyd-related:
Trance Remix-Darkside of the Moon 1cd A
Trance Remix-Wish You Were Here 1cd A
Trance Remix-Animals 1cd A
A Collection of Great Cover Tunes: Tribute from Pink Floyd mailing List Echoes 2cd A-
Rick Wakeman:
Bussum, Holland 4-28-01 2cd A (sbd) 
Roger Waters:
NYC, 3-28-85 2cd B+
Milwaukee, 11-13-87 3cd B+ (aud) [Note: "The Complete KAOS"]

Wishbone Ash:
London, 5-15-72 1cd A
London, 10-25-78 1cd A- (sbd) [Note: fade during audience of track 6] 

Pittsburgh, 8-24-94 2cd B+ (sbd)