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Grateful Dead-related

Grateful Dead Setlists

Grateful Dead

Wake of the Flood Outtakes: 1cd A (sbd)
Terrapin Station Outtakes: 2-20-77 1cd A (sbd)
Shakedown Street Outtakes: San Rafael, CA 8-18-78 1cd A (sbd)

Acid Test Reels 1965-1967 5cd B to A- (sbd/aud)



LA,  3-25-66   1cd  B+  (sbd)
Rio Nido, CA 9-3-67 1cd B sbd
San Francisco, 10-22-67 1cd A (sbd)

Hallandale, FL 12-29-68 1cd A- (sbd)

San Francisco, 2-28-69 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
San Francisco, 3-1-69 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
San Francisco, 4-5-69 I/II 2cd B+ (sbd)
Boston, 4-23-69 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
West Hollywood, FL 5-24-69 2cd A (sbd)
Fresno, CA 6-13-69 2cd B+ (aud)
Monterey, CA 6-14-69 2cd B+ (aud)
Bethel, NY 8-16-69 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: Woodstock]
Seattle, 8-21-69 2cd A- (sbd)
San Francisco, 10-25-69 1cd A (sbd)
San Francisco, 11-2-69 1cd A- (sbd) [Note: incomplete]

Honolulu, 1-23-70 2cd A (sbd)
NYC, 2-11-70b 2cd (sbd) A- [Note: Late show]
NYC, 2-13-70a 1cd A (sbd) [Note: Early show]
NYC, 2-14-70a 1cd A (sbd) [Note: Early show]
Portchester, NY 3-20-70b 2cd B (aud) [Note: Late show/Uncle John cuts in]
Cincinnati, 4-3-70 2cd A- (sbd)
San Francisco, 4-12-70 2cd (sbd) A [Note: no encore/Candyman cuts in]
Kirkwood, MO 5-14-70 III 1cd A- (aud)
NYC, 5-15-70a I/II 2cd A (sbd) [Note: Early show]
NYC, 5-15-70b I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: Late show/a chunk of St. Stephen is missing towards the end]
NYC, 11-23-70 2cd A- (sbd)

Portchester, NY 2-18-71 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Portchester, NY 2-19-71 I/II 3cd A- (aud?)
Portchester, NY 2-20-71 I/II 2cd A (sbd) [Note: some tracks have gaps]
Portchester, NY 2-21-71 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
St. Louis, 3-18-71 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
NYC, 4-5-71 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Boston, 4-7-71 I/II 2cd B+ (sbd)
Hollywood, CA 8-6-71 I/II 2cd A- (aud)
Bronx, NY 8-26-71 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: set 2 cuts in]
Detroit, 10-24-71 I/II 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: skip at 1:09 in McGee]

London, 4-8-72 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: gaps between some tracks]
Lille, France 5-13-72 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: missing encore]
London, 5-23-72 I/II 4cd A (sbd)
Veneta, OR 8-27-72 I/II/III 3cd A (sbd)
Baltimore, 9-17-72 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: missing One More Sat. Night]
Jersey City, NJ 9-26-72 I/II 3cd B+ [Note: missing Bertha]
Washington, DC 9-30-72 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
St. Louis, 10-19-72 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: Promised Land starts late]
Houston, 11-19-72 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
San Francisco, 12-31-72 I/II 4cd A- (FM) [Note: One More Sat. Night starts late]

Baltimore, 3-26-73 I/II 4cd A (sbd)
Washington, DC 6-10-73 I/II/III 4cd A- (sbd)
Durham, NC 12-8-73 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

San Francisco, 2-24-74 I/II 4cd A (sbd)
Daly City, CA 3-23-74 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: missing encores]
Miami, 6-22-74 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: gaps between tracks]
Fresno, CA 7-19-74 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: One More Saturday Night is missing]
Philadelphia,  8-4-74   I/II   3cd   A   (sbd)
Philadelphia,  8-5-74   I/II   3cd   A   (sbd
Jersey City, NJ 8-6-74 I/II 4cd A (sbd)

San Francisco, 6-17-75 I/II 2cd B+ (aud) 

Boston, 6-11-76 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
San Francisco, 7-12-76 Soundcheck 1cd A- (sbd)
Daly City, CA 12-31-76 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)

San Bernardino, CA 2-26-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: digi-swish at :03 of They Love Each Other]
San Francisco, 3-18-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: 3 aud patches]
San Francisco, 3-19-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Springfield, MA 4-23-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: digi crackle at 0:11 Sugaree]
Passaic, NJ  4-25-77  II   1cd   B   (aud)
Passaic, NJ 4-26-77 I/II 2cd   B   (aud)
Passaic, NJ 4-27-77 I/II 2cd   A-   (FM)
NYC, 5-1-77 II 1cd A- (sbd)
NYC, 5-4-77 II 1cd A (sbd)
New Haven, CT   5-5-77  I/II  3cd  A  (sbd) [Note: dropout in Sugar Magnolia] 
Boston, 5-7-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: missing encore]
Ithaca, NY 5-8-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Buffalo, NY 5-9-77 I/II 2cd A- (aud) [Note: missing Sunrise & Uncle John] St. Paul, MN 5-11-77 II 1cd (sbd) A [Note: missing Wharf Rat]
Chicago, 5-13-77 I/II 3cd B+ (Pre-FM)
Tuscaloosa, AL 5-17-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Atlanta, 5-19-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Lakeland, FL 5-21-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Richmond, VA 5-25-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: intro to first song of set II is tacked on previous track, same disc]
Baltimore, 5-26-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
San Francisco, 6-7-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Seattle, 9-29-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: master is missing El Paso] Portland, OR 10-1-77 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Portland, OR 10-2-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Norman, OK 10-11-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: 3 sec. fade on CD3-T1 at 0:50]
Dallas, 10-15-77 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Baton Rouge, LA 10-16-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
DeKalb, IL 10-29-77 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Detroit, 11-1-77 I/II 2cd sbd A [Note: Friend of the Devil cuts in]
Toronto, 11-2-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Hamilton, NY 11-4-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Rochester, NY 11-5-77 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Binghamton, NY 11-6-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
San Francisco, 12-27-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: missing encore]
San Francisco, 12-31-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Chicago, 1-31-78 II 2cd A (sbd)
Chicago, 2-1-78 I/II 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: missing Sunrise]
Cedar Falls, IA   2-5-78   I/II   3cd   A   (sbd)
Jacksonville, FL   4-8-78   I/II   2cd   A- (sbd)
Williamsburg, VA 4-15-78 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Huntington, WV 4-16-78 I/II 3cd B+ (sbd)
Normal, IL 4-24-78 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
New Haven, CT 5-10-78 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Springfield, MA   5-11-78  I/II  3cd  A-  (sbd) [Note: cuts between some tracks]
Morrison, CO 7-7-78 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Morrison, CO 7-8-78 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: 2 sec. gap on Ramble]
Giza, Egypt 9-14-78 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Giza, Egypt 9-16-78 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: all sbd copies missing Sunrise]
San Francisco, 10-17-78 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
Passaic, NJ   11-24-78   I/II  3cd  A  (Pre-FM sbd) 
San Francisco, 12-31-78 I/II/III 4cd (sbd) [Note: missing We Bid You Goodnight]

NYC, 1-8-79 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Springfield, MA 1-15-79 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Easton, PA 5-7-79 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Uniondale, NY 11-1-79 I/II 3cd A- (sbd/aud patches) [Note: Jack Straw cut on all sources]
Kansas City, KS 12-10-79 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Kansas City, KS 12-11-79 I/II 3cd A(sbd)

NYC, 10-29-80 I/II/III 4cd B+ (aud) [Note: digi swish at 1 sec. of CD1]
Gainesville, FL 11-29-80 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)

Chicago, 2-27-81 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: missing encore]
College Park, MD 3-7-81 I/II 2cd B+ (aud) [Note: few gaps/no Passenger]
NYC, 3-9-81 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 3-10-81 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: last song contains lead-in of filler]
London, 3-21-81 I/II 2cd A (sbd) [Note: 5 min of Rider cut/Sat. Night cuts 2-3 sec. early/Encore is missing]
Essen, Germany 3-28-81 I/II 3cd A- (FM)
New Haven, CT 5-12-81 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Bethlehem, PA 9-25-81 I/II 3cd A- (sbd/aud mix]
Oakland, 12-31-81 I-IV 4cd A- (sbd)

Philadelphia, 4-6-82 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Berkeley, CA 5-23-82 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Austin, TX 7-31-82 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: digi-noise at beginning of Uncle John's Band]
East Troy, WI 8-8-82 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Iowa City, IA 8-10-82 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Lakeland, FL 9-12-82 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Montego Bay, Jamaica 11-26-82 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Oakland, 12-31-82 I/II/III 3cd A- (sbd)

Burlington, VT 4-13-83 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Rochester, NY 4-15-83 II 2cd A (sbd)
Park City, UT   9-4-83   I/II   3cd   A-   (sbd)
Watsonville, CA 9-24-83 I 1cd A (sbd)
Worcester, MA   10-21-83   I/II   3cd  A-  (sbd)
San Francisco, 12-31-83 I/II/III 3cd A- (FM)

Rochester, NY 4-16-84 I/II 3cd B+ (aud) [Note: missing encore]
Philadelphia, 4-21-84 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Providence, RI 4-26-84 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Providence, RI 4/27/84 II 2cd A (sbd)
Morrison, CO 6-14-84 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Maple, Ontario 6-21-84 I/II 2cd B+ (sbd)
Indianapolis, IN 6-30-84 II 2cd A- (sbd)
Berkeley, CA 7-13-84 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Ventura, CA 7-21-84 I/II 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: missing half of Drums]
Ventura, CA 7-22-84 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: a few cuts]
San Francisco,  12-31-84   II/III    2cd   A-   (FM) 

Uniondale, NY 3-28-85 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Philadelphia, 4-7-85 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
Philadelphia, 4-8-85 I/II 2cd B+ (sbd)
Berkeley, CA 6-16-85 I /II 2cd A- (sbd)
Cincinnati, 6-24-85 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 6-25-85 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
Saratoga Springs, NY 6-27-85 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Hershey, PA 6-28-85 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
Columbia, MD 6-30-85 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Columbia, MD 7-1-85 II 2cd A- (sbd)
Kansas City, MO 9-3-85 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
Chula Vista, CA  9-15-85   II   2cd   A-   (sbd)
Worcester, MA 11-5-85 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: cut in Don't Ease Me In/Drums is cut/Space is partial]

Philadelphia, 3-24-86 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
Hartford, CT 4-4-86 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
Oakland, 12-30-86 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Philadelphia, 3-30-87 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Philadelphia, 3-31-87 I/II 3cd B+ (aud) [Note: start of Mama Tried cut]
Laguna Hills, CA 4-19-87 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Monterey, CA  5-10-87  I/II  3cd  A-  (sbd)
Roanoke, VA 7-7-87 I/II 3cd B (aud)
Roanoke, VA 7-8-87 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Telluride, CO 8-15-87 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Telluride, CO 8-16-87 I/II 2cd A- (pre-FM) [Note: digi-pop on Black Peter at 7:19]
Angel's Camp, CA 8-23-87 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
NYC, 9-18-87 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Philadelphia, 9-24-87 I/II 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: cut between drums>jam]
Long Beach, CA 11-15-87 I/II 2cd A (sbd)

Rochester, NY 6-30-88 II 2cd A (sbd)
Oxford, ME 7-3-88 I/II 2cd A (sbd)

Ann Arbor, MI 4-5-89 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Ann Arbor, MI 4-6-89 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Palo Alto, CA 5-6-89 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Palo Alto, CA 5-7-89 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
East Troy, WI 7-17-89 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
East Troy, WI 7-18-89 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: Sugar Magnolia has digi-crackle from 00:20-00:26]
East Troy, WI 7-19-89 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Hampton, VA 10-8-89 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
Hampton, VA 10-9-89 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Philadelphia, 10-19-89 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: CD1-Track 1 has channel problems first 45 sec]
Philadelphia, 10-20-89 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Oakland, 2-26-90 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Hamilton, Ontario 3-22-90 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Uniondale, NY 3-29-90 II 2cd A (sbd) [Note: missing encore]
Orchard Park, NY 7-16-90 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Tinley Park, IL  7-21-90  I/II   3cd  A-  (sbd)
Hamburg, Germany 10-24-90 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)

Oakland, 2-20-91 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Largo, MD 3-21-91 I/II 2cd A (sbd) [Note: 1 sec. cut-Stir It Up/1 sec. cut-NFA]
Clarkston, MI 6-19-91 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Clarkston, MI 6-20-91 I/II 3cd A- (sbd) [Note: Touch of Grey cuts in]
Chicago, 6-22-91 I/II 3cd (sbd) A-
Bonner Springs, KS 6-25-91 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
NYC, 9-10-91 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
NYC, 9-13-91 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Boston, 9-22-91 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Oakland, 10-31-91 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Las Vegas, 5-31-92 I/II 3cd (sbd) A-
Orchard Park, NY 6-6-92 I/II 3cd B+(aud)
Chicago, 6-26-92  I/II  2cd  B+  (aud) [Note: missing encore]
Oakland, 12-17-92 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Largo, MD 3-16-93 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Chapel Hill, NC 3-24-93 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
Chapel Hill, NC 3-25-93 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: 3 aud patches]
Albany, NY 3-27-93 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Sacramento, CA 5-27-93 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Orchard Park, NY 6-13-93 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)

Richfield, OH 3-21-94 I/II 2cd A- (sbd) [Note: encore is cut]
Boston, 10-1-94 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Charlotte, NC 3-23-95 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Memphis, TN 4-2-95 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Washington, DC 6-25-95 I/II 2cd A- (sbd)
Noblesville, IN  7-2-95  I/II   3cd   B+  (aud)
Chicago, 7-8-95  I/II  3cd  B+  (aud) 
Chicago, 7-9-95 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Grateful Dead-Related

Crusader Rabbit Stealth Band:
Mill Valley, CA 6-10-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)

David Gans:
Mill Valley, CA 1-30-94 II 1cd B+ (sbd) [Note: Crazy Fingers]
San Francisco, 12-7-97 1cd A- (sbd) [Note: Unbroken Chain Foundation Benefit VIP Afterparty]
San Francisco, 1-31-98 I 1cd B+ (aud) [Note: Broken Angels]
Mill Valley, CA 5-16-99 1cd A
Dunedin, FL 3-31-00 3cd I/II A (sbd)
Worcester, MA 5-13-00 1cd A (sbd) [Note: with Tom Constanten]
Berkeley, CA 11-9-00 1cd A (sbd)
Asheville, NC 4-6-01 I/II 2cd A+ (sbd)
Berkeley, CA 5-27-01 1cd A (sbd)

Garcia and Kahn:
Salem, OR 5-5-82 1cd A
NYC, 1-27-86 I/II 1cd A (sbd)
NYC, 1-28-86 I/II 1cd A (sbd)

Jerry Garcia Band:
State College, PA 12-11-77 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [gaps between tracks]
Petaluma, CA 1-22-83 2cd A- [Note: CD1 is partial TAO]
Los Angeles, 12-4-87 I 1cd A (sbd) [Note: Acoustic set only]

KFOG Broadcast of The Wildwood Boys: Palo Alto, CA 2-23-63/Jerry and Sarah Gracia: Palo Alto, CA 2-23-63/The Second Story Men: Palo Alto, CA 1963--1cd B+ (aud)

Go Ahead:
Pittsburgh, 10-29-86 1cd A (sbd) [Note: Early show]
Pitsburgh, 10-29-86 2cd A (sbd) [Note: Late show]
Passaic, NJ   10-31-86   2cd   A   (sbd)

Bruce Hornsby:
Saratoga Springs, NY 7-6-96 1cd A-
Hartford, CT 7-7-96 1cd A

Jazz Is Dead:
Boulder, CO 4-13-99 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Legion of Mary:
Berkeley, CA 5-21-75 2cd A (sbd)

Phil & Friends:
San Francisco, 4-16-99 I/II 3cd A- (aud)
San Francisco, 6-4-99 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
San Francisco, 3-10-00 I/II 3cd B (aud)
Philadelphia, 4-15-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Mt. View, CA 6-24-00 2cd B+ (aud)
Cincinnati, 7-11-00 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 9-21-00 1cd B+ (aud) [Note: set from One for Woody]
Burlington, VT 10-1-00 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Boston, 10-6-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 10-10-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 10-11-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 10-14-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 10-16-00 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Chicago, 10-18-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Chicago, 10-20-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Denver, CO 10-25-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Las Vegas, 10-27-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Los Angeles, 10-28-00 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Denver, CO 2-10-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
San Francisco, 2-18-01 I/II 4cd A- (aud)
Orlando, FL 4-15-01 I/II 3cd (sbd) A
Atlanta, 4-18-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Charlotte, NC 4-20-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud) [Note: 3 silent gaps during audience noise of CD3-Track 5]
Morgantown, WV 4-21-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Richmond, VA 4-23-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Washington, DC 4-24-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 4-30-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
San Francisco, 6-12-01 1cd A (FM) [Note: KFOG broadcast/missing Mason>Rag]
Berkeley, CA 7-1-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Snoqualmie, WA 7-4-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Morrison, CO 7-7-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Somerset, WI 7-12-01 2cd B+ (aud)
Columbus, OH 7-18-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Hartford, CT 7-21-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Hershey, PA 7-29-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Columbia, MD 7-31-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Virginia Beach, VA 8-2-01 2cd B+ (aud)
Raleigh, NC 8-3-01 2cd B+ (aud)
Charlotte, NC 8-4-01 2cd B+ (aud)
Atlanta, 8-5-01 2cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 11-27-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 11-30-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 12-2-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)

One for Woody:
NYC, 9-21-00 5cd B+ (aud) [Note: Phil Lesh and Friends, Allman Bros., Black Crowes, Govt. Mule]

The Other Ones:
East Troy, WI 7-11-98 3cd B+ (aud)
Universal City, CA 8-24-00 3cd B+ (aud)
Mt. View, CA 8-25-00 3cd B+ (aud)
Englewood, CO 8-29-00 3cd B+ (aud)
Columbus, OH 8-31-00 2cd B+ (aud)
East Troy, WI 9-1-00 2cd B+ (aud)
Darien Lake, NY 9-3-00 2cd B+ (aud)
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 9-7-00 2cd B+ (aud)
Greensboro, NC 9-21-00 2cd B+ (aud)
Live Oak, FL 9-23-00 2cd B+ (aud)
Atlanta, 9-24-00 3cd B+ (aud)

NYC, 6-4-00 1cd B+ (aud)
Bridgeport, CT 6-24-00 2cd A (sbd) [Note: one second gap in Sat. Night]
Atlanta, 4-1-01 3cd A- (Pre-FM)
Kalamazoo, MI 4-13-01 I/II 3cd A- (aud)
Detroit, 4-14-01 I/II 3cd A (sbd)

Setlists for Grateful Dead-related

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