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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Phish Setlists

Trey Anastasio:
Senior Thesis: "The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday" Goddard College; Plainfield, VT 1984 1cd B+ (sbd)
Washington, DC 5-11-99 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Syracuse, NY 2-22-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Richmond, VA 2-28-01 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)

New Orleans, 5-4-00 2cd B+ (aud)
Berkeley, CA 10-26-01 2cd B+ (aud)
Denver, 10-31-01 2cd B+ (aud)
Lowell, MA 11-10-01 2cd B+ (aud)
Gainesville, FL 11-18-01 2cd B+ (aud)

Burlington, VT 12-1-84 2cd A- (sbd?)
Plainfield, VT 3-6-87 1cd B+ (aud)
Burlington, VT 3-12-88 1cd B (sbd)
Burlington, VT 9-8-88 2cd A- (sbd)
Haverford, PA  2-23-90  I/II 2cd A- (sbd) [Note:CD1-Track1 is flawed for first 10 seconds/missing Antelope]
Ft. Collins, CO 11-4-90 I/II 2cd A+ (sbd)
NYC, 7-15-91 2cd A (sbd)
Parksville, NY 7-21-91 I/II 2cd A+ (sbd)
Charlottesville, VA 7-24-91 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 3-14-92 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Boston, 12-31-92 I/II/III 3cd B+ (aud)
Atlanta, 2-20-93 I/II 3cd A (sbd)
Gunnison, CO 3-14-93 II 1cd A (sbd) (Note: missing encore)
Arcata, CA 3-28-93 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: includes soundcheck]
Minneapolis, 4-19-93  1cd  A-  (sbd) [Note: soundcheck only]
Philadelphia, 5-1-93  1cd  A-  (sbd)  [Note: soundcheck only] 
Vancouver, BC  8-24-93  1cd  B+  (sbd) [Note: soundcheck only]
Berkeley, CA 8-28-93 I/II 3cd A- (sbd)
Portland, ME 12-30-93 I/II 2cd A (sbd)
Dallas, 5-7-94 II 1cd A (sbd)
Columbus, OH   6-22-94   I/II   2cd   A   (sbd)
Nashville, TN   10-18-94  I/II   2cd   A   (sbd)
Glen Falls, NY 10-31-94 I/II/III 4cd A- (sbd)
Detroit, 10-28-95 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Atlanta, 11-9-95 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
N. Charleston, SC 11-18-95 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
Philadelphia, 12-15-95 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
NYC, 12-31-95 I/II/III 3cd B+ (aud) [Note: missing Gamehendge Time Factory Jam/missing some dialogue in Col. Forbin]
Plattsburg, NY 8-17-96 I/II/III 3cd A- (sbd)
London, 2-13-97 I 1cd B+ (aud) [Note: missing David Bowie]
Columbia, MD 8-8-98 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
Virginia Beach, VA 8-9-98 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Vernon, NY 8-12-98 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Limestone, ME   8/15-16/98   4cd   A   (FM/aud/sbd)  [Note: Phrom the Archives-Lemonwheel-Thin Air Radio-not the show]
Tinley Park, IL   10-3-98   1cd  A  (sbd) [Note: Farm Aid]
West Valley City, UT 11-2-98 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Hampton, VA 11-21-98 I/II 3cd A (sbd) [Note: NOT FOR TRADE/BUY HAMPTON COMES ALIVE]
NYC, 12-29-98 I/II 3cd B+
Niigata, Japan   8-1-99  I/II  3cd  A  (sbd)
Big Cypress, FL   12/30-31/99   4cd    A   (FM/sbd)  [Note: Phrom the Archives-Thin Air Radio-not the show]
Mansfield, MA 9-11-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)
Las Vegas, 9-29-00 I/II 2cd B+ (aud)
Las Vegas, 9-30-00 I/II 3cd B+ (aud)