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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


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Miles Davis Setlists

KDTU Setlists

John Coltrane:
Antibes, France 7-27-65 1cd A
NYC, 11-3-61 1cd A-

Miles Davis Septet:
Tokyo, 6-19-73 2cd  B+  (sbd)  [Note: funkilicious!]
NYC,  3-30-74   2cd   A   (sbd)  [Note: gaps] 

Miles Davis Quintet:
Zurich, Switzerland 4-8-60 1cd A (sbd) [Note: w/John Coltrane]
Antwerp, Belgium 10-28-67 1cd A (FM) [Note: w/Herbie Hancock]
Stockholm, Sweden 11-5-69 1cd A (sbd) [Note: Early show]

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe:
Eugene, OR 12-1-99 2cd B+ (aud) [Note: with DJ Logic]
Boulder, CO 1-15-00 2cd B+
San Francisco, 4-14-00 3cd A (sbd) [Note: with DJ Greyboy & DJ Danny] Washington, DC 3-16-01 2cd B+ (aud)

Herbie Hancock:
Japan, 6-28-75 1cd A+ [Note: Incomplete]
Moers, Germany 6-2-95 1cd A (sbd) [Note: w/ Dave Holland and Gene Jackson]

Thelonious Monk:
Paris, 11-3-67 1cd A (sbd)