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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List


Updated: 11-8-01 | Grateful Dead-related | Phish-related
Updated: 11-8-01



*I currently use Fuji (80m) for everything.

*Ratings are subjective and usually meaningless...the ratings here reflect only my personal opinion. A note about my ratings: VERY RARELY will an audience recording receive an "A"...the really good ones are "B+", but there are a couple of EXCEPTIONAL quality that merit a better rating.

*I take the generic approach to art...I don't expect you to send me art and you shouldn't expect to receive any from me. I do send an info file that contains tracklistings with the discs and expect either the same or an e-mail of the tracklistings.

*I don't send cases....please send discs in sleeves, not wrapped in toilet paper. Please do not use fiber mailers.

*B&P Friendy!

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