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Jeff Mewbourn's CDR Trade List

UPDATED: 04-15-02

TRADE STATUS: Doing less trading, though always willing to entertain possibilities. Always looking for Dead, Phish, Reggae and Funk. I'm willing to do B&P's, but I can't meet all requests...see bottom of page for details.

Trade Guidelines:

*DAO is a must! If a show has TAO gaps, I would still be willing to trade (easily fixed with WavTrim), but your list should note if it's not DAO.

*I use EAC...while I prefer that other traders do as well, I'm not going to turn my back on a trade if you don't (but I would still like to know).

*I currently use Fuji-japan (80m) for everything.

*If you don't include source info on your list or you don't have some sort of rating system, don't bother sending me your trade list...

*Ratings are subjective and usually meaningless...the ratings here reflect only my personal opinion. A note about my ratings: VERY RARELY will an audience recording receive an "A"...the really good ones are "B+", but there are a couple of EXCEPTIONAL quality that merit a better rating.

*Artwork: Don't have any and I don't need any.

*Tracklisting/Setlists: Unless noted otherwise, I have tracklistings for all shows and I send with discs....I would appreciate receiving tracklistings from you, either with the discs or via e-mail.

*I don't send cases....please send discs in sleeves, not wrapped in toilet paper. Please do not use fiber mailers.

*Finally, while this is a hobby, I still take my collection seriously...just as you should expect to receive what you see on my list, I expect the same from you. This means if there are major flaws (gaps, significant cuts, significant digi-flaws), they are noted on my list and should be noted on yours.
*Finally, it appears I send quicker than most if I haven't received your end within 2 weeks, don't be offended when I write to inquire about the status of the trade.

*B&P Friendy! If you ask for a B&P, please let me know where you found my list. Many times I'll do a pre-burn B&P (I'll burn the discs before you send and keep the discs you send), in which case the discs you receive will be Fuji (japan) and I expect the same, or a comparable brand in return...Maxell, Memorex, Imations, CompUSA and generics are not comparable. In addition, to minimize the amount of time I sit around waiting for people to decide if they want to send for a B&P, all my B&P offers have a postmark deadline...if you can't get your B&P package out within 48 hours, save us both some time and look elsewhere.